Anthropology Courses taught by Professor Tung

In addition to teaching formal courses, I advise students on Senior Honors Thesis projects. If you are interested in writing a Senior Honors Thesis for the Department of Anthropology, visit this site for details.


Sam and Alyson are looking at two bones laid out a blue piece of padding. Alyson is taking photos with a black camera. Sam is wearing a light brown and dark brown striped sweater. He is also wearing jeans and glasses. He has short brown hair. Alyson is wearing a black shirt. Her brown hair is in a bun.
Sam Larson and Alyson Aldridge photographing skeletal material in the Osteology Lab (Anth 3372).

These courses do not have prerequisites.

Anthropology 1301- Introduction to Biological Anthropology (Taught by Professor Tung in even numbered years: 2020, 2022, etc.)

Anthropology 2370- Death and the Human Body

Anthropology 2371- Reading the Bones: Bioarchaeology & Forensics in Peru

Teresa and Kelly are looking at a bone that Teresa (left) is holding. There are papers and plastic trays with bones on the white counter in front of them. Teresa is wearing a blue jacket and dark pants. She has shoulder length brown hair. Kelly is wearing a black hoodie and has chin length black hair.

Anthropology 3372/6372- Human Osteology

Anthropology 4373/6373- Health and Disease in Ancient Populations

Anthropology 271- Human Evolution (no longer offered)

Anthropology 272- Human Variation (no longer offered)

Graduate Seminars

Advanced undergrads may enroll in graduate seminars with permission from the professor.

Anthropology 8010.01- Bioarchaeology, Ethics, and NAGPRA

Anthropology 8010.02 (Seminar + Lab)- Stable Isotope Analysis in Bioarchaeology

Anthropology 8301- Bioarchaeology: Theory & Methods

Anthropology 8311- Violence and Its Embodiments in the Past and Present